Les Chemins D’Or offers an extensive variety of services to secure your jewellery while maintaining its highly renowned customer satisfaction. Les Chemins D’Or prides itself in being a leading service specialist for all customer needs; providing quick and immediate assistance. Our services include:

Laser Soldering
Rhodium Finishing
Engraving Ring Sizing Diamond and Precious stone setting

Claw Re-tipping
Jewellery Modification Diamond Re-cutting and Polishing
Watch Repairs


Prided by our numerous services and in-house specialties, Les Chemins D’Or also assists you by evaluating the real market value of your diamonds, precious stones or precious metals. By giving you updated appraisals on your jewellery, it serves you importance for:

Insurance Purposes (i.e.: Theft, Loss, Damage)

Family Succession

Family Heirloom

Our customers are always suggested to have their pieces appraised on an occasional basis. This gives you current updates on your jewellery which we will keep on file for you at all times.


Les Chemins D’Or’s offered specialties are offered in-house, facilitating customer needs while keeping an interpersonal quality of service. Ideologically, Les Chemins D’or emphasizes such family-style service and therefore offers the following:

  • GIA certified diamonds
  • Diamond grading
  • Highest quality in-house manufactured engagement rings
  • Importation of 18 kt Italian gold

• 50+ years experience jewellery manufacturing and service repairs

• Jewellery appraised on daily basis

• Wide selection of brand name products in tuned with latest trends

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